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The Mt. Calvary Baptist Church began in the early 1930's through the efforts of Deacon Willie Washington, Nancy Martin and a few of her Christian neighbors. The group met in a house on Louie Street and became known as Sunlight Mission. After meeting three years the group became a regular Missionary Baptist Church and Rev. W.A. Banks of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was chosen as their new pastor.


Under the leadership of Rev. Banks the Church moved to 649 Groveland Avenue where the membership decided to rename the church Mt. Calvary. Upon the return of Rev. Banks to Pennsylvania, the assistant pastor, Rev. Heath, became the new pastor.


In 1940,  after  the  resignation of Rev. Heath, Rev. D.D. Mundy, Pastor of the New Zion Baptist Church of Lebanon, Ohio was chosen as pastor. Rev. Mundy served as pastor until his death in 1957. During this time the Missionary Circles, Usher Boards, Choirs, Men's Chorus, and other such organizations were started and prospered. The membership of the church also increased during his pastorate.


In May 1958 Rev. Samuel N. Winston was chosen as the new pastor. By June 1959 the congregation had outgrown the building on Groveland. To accommodate the still-growing congregation,  the  location at 3300 W. Third Street was purchased. Under the leadership of Rev. Winston, Sr.,  we have increased our membership, our financial support of Foreign Mission, and our participation in Community service. We believe we have in Rev. Winston a profound speaker, a dedicated leader, a Christian gentleman, and a true Man of God.


In September 2004 Rev. Samuel N. Winston, Sr. passed the mantle of pastoral leadership to his youngest son,

Pastor Samuel N. Winston, Jr.

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