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Summer 2022 - Small Groups

God has given us a way to change: confess, repent, obey. These studies will encourage us to let these three words become seared into our hearts and minds so they can bring about change.


Meets In-Person

Every other week Mondays 6pm - 7:30pm 

Northwest- Dayton Metro Library 

Meco Fells

Facilitator- C1.01 (Mondays)


Whether an "everyman" like Jacob or a man of supernatural strength like Samson, the Bible tells the story of many men used especially by God. This six-session Bible study will use Scripture lessons and stories to teach you about themes like obedience, equality, humility, fear, suffering, and more.

Meets In Person



Mt Calvary Church

Deacon Harvey Wortham

Facilitator - M1.01 (Thursdays)


Deacon Myron Sanderfer

Facilitator - M1.01 (Thursdays)


Seeing ourselves as God sees us can be a challenge. This 12-session course will be offered

Every other week Sundays 6:30pm - 8:00pm


Weekly Thursdays 7:00pm - 8:30pm 

Marion Miliner

Facilitator - W1.02 (Thursdays)


Ashley Miller

Facilitator - W1.01 (Sundays)


Transformation—the process of becoming holy—begins in your mind.  7 sessions will be offered:

Weekly Tuesdays 10:30am-11:45am (Virtual)

Weekly Thursdays 6pm-7:30pm (York Commons)

Weekly Thursdays 6pm-8pm (Boston Stoker-Englewood)

Davida Prater

Facilitator - C2.01 (Thursdays - Boston Stoker)


Min. Percy Williams Jr

Facilitator - C2.02 (Virtual)


Kim M. Williams

Facilitator - C2.03 (Thursdays - York Commons)


Overcoming Grief

Death has a way of changing our lives forever.


This course on grief recovery will cover such topics as: How to get out of grief and anger and plug back into life, how to get over the overwhelming sadness, how to let the memorial service help in the healing, and how to help others who are grieving.

Meets In-Person

Every other week Wednesdays Noon - 1pm 

Northwest- Dayton Metro Library 

Cheryl Jones Garrett

Facilitator - G1.01 (Wednesdays)