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1 Peter
Walk the Talk

White Structure

Wednesday Sessions Begin 6/8/2022
Every two weeks June 1st, 15th, 29th, & July 13th

Session 1
The Battle for Holiness
If you want to act holy, you have to learn to think holy.
1 Peter 1:13–16
Transformation—the process of becoming holy—begins in your mind.


Session 2
When I Don't Feel Like Being Good
Being good makes sense.
1 Peter 1:17–25
This study discusses what is a split-second decision—whether in any given moment you do the right or the wrong thing.


Session 3
An Appetite for Being Good
Mastering the Christian life is like mastering other things: it's a matter of doing the basics again and again.
1 Peter 2:1–12
No matter how long you have been a believer, the only way to grow in your salvation—to become spiritual and master the art of obedience—is through pure spiritual milk.


Session 4
Refuse to Get Revenge
If you refuse to become consumed with the idea of revenge, and instead become consumed with forgiveness, you will experience the grace of God in a powerful way.
1 Peter 2:19–25
1 Peter 2 will help you make the transition from wanting to get even to being willing to forgive.


Session 5
Learn to Live in Peace
By working hard at being at peace with one another, we honor God.
1 Peter 3:8–17
God makes it clear that he wants us to get along—and that doing so is foundational to Christian living.


Session 6
Get Ready for a Rough Ride
Things get rough from time and time, but you can prepare yourself for the difficult days ahead.
1 Peter 4:1–19
This study of 1 Peter 4 will help prepare you in advance for the tough times that surely are ahead.


Session 7
You're in Good Hands
You are in God's hands.
1 Peter 5:5–11
Whatever difficulties this life holds, faithfulness and obedience to God will be rewarded beyond what the hardship costs us.