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Mr. Kenneth Emanuel Burruss

Letter of Love for My Son (Obituary)

Son, God loaned you to us December 4th, 1986. Because God knew you before you were conceived. The soul of someone full of God's joy. I remember your first photography (ultrasound): we thought you were praising God, but little did we know. You were turning cartwheels in your mother's womb. Kenneth (one who seeks for knowledge) Emanuel (God with us) your name was chosen and not given. Energetic and brilliant with amazing and exceptional intelligence and wit at such an early stage of life. Kenny you never learned to crawl; you went from being in a baby seat to running. You had such a beautiful mind and spirit; you would sit listen/or watch videos as a child or memorize lines in the children’s books verbatim. You developed your communication skills much sooner than many children your age. At age 6 we decided the sport that best suited your ability and energy was gymnastics, where you excelled becoming one of best in the region. You were always loved and adored by your friends and classmates.

Kenny you were a phenomenally gifted athlete in high school, lettering in football, track and wrestling. However, mental health challenges took you down a different path. Despite this you were able to graduate from St Andrews Sewanee school in 2005. You went on the develop your talents in music and art.

A very kind and gentle soul like your late grandfathers Johnnie Starks Sr and Elvie Burruss Sr that proceed you in death; your grandmother Mary Burruss and uncles Charles E Starks Sr, Richard Burruss Sr, Ronald Burruss and Michael Burrus Sr.

You leave to cherish your memories your parents Linda and Kenneth Burruss, grandmother Ardellia Starks, aunts Doris Starks Jones of Dayton, Nancy Burrus Jordan, Sharon Burrus Lowery, Pastor Pricellious J Burruss (Richard) of St Louis, and Yvonne Burruss (Ronald) of Washington DC; uncles Johnnie L Starks Jr of Dayton, Elvie Burrus Jr (Delores) of Atlanta, Anthony Burruss of St Louis, sister Faith Amani and brother Isaiah Kendall, of Atlanta and a host of loving cousins, family and friends.

Kenny because you accepted Christ and was baptized at a young age, we know you’re with Jesus now. And You will live in our hearts until we see you again.

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